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  • Lather Shampoo

    The Auto Finesse Lather wax and sealant-safe car shampoo is a tangerine-scented blend of gentle, pH neutral surfactants, highly concentrated lubricants and nothing else.

  • Iron Out

    Auto Finesse Iron Out intensive iron-contaminate and fallout remover safely and effectively removes the tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel that can embed itself into practically any surface.

  • Aqua Coat

    Change the way you wash your car with Aqua Coat, the quick and easy way to apply long lasting protection, with enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces.

  • Crystal Glass Cleaner

    The Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner is highly concentrated, with a finely balanced blend of mild distilled solvents, meaning fingerprints and greasy films are effortlessly removed to reveal a streak and smear free finish.

  • Vision Glass Polish

    An advanced polish for removing stubborn stains from glass. Safe for use on tints and chrome.

  • Mercury Metal Polish

    The Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish is a metal polish that is suitable for all types of metals and vehicles.

  • Temptation Carnauba Wax

    Auto Finesse Temptation is our entry-level carnauba wax, creating the same flawless finish with a more affordable price tag. Temptation is our latest entry-level wax, designed to protect and beautify your vehicle’s finish with a startling gloss.

  • Primo Plush Cloths

    The Auto Finesse Primo Plush cloth has a deep fluffy pile both sides, with black micro-suede edging for scratch-less detailing, perfect for quick detailing tasks, dusting down and even soaking up water.

  • Deluxe Wash Mitt

    The Auto Finesse Deluxe Wash Mitt is made from the same 1200 GSM microfiber as our widely acclaimed Aqua Deluxe drying towels with an added absorption core.

  • Aroma Berry Air Freshener

    Designed to keep your car smelling fresh and clean all year round, the Aroma Air Fresheners come in a variety of specially selected fragrances and pin-up style designs.

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