Ultra Soft Wash Mitt


The Auto Finesse Ultra Soft Mitt is made of genuine lambs-wool, helping to aid a swirl-free wash process.

The natural pelt pile will help lift any contaminates that are on the paint work away and allows for a swirl free wash.

Our Ultra Soft Mitt also comes with a separate thumb section. This allows for greater control when washing lower halves and under wing mirrors, ensuring all areas are cleaned properly.

When cared for correctly our Ultra Soft Mitt can provide you with up to 3 months durability and swirl free washes making it the perfect addition to any detailer’s kit bag.


Primo Plush Cloths


The Auto Finesse Primo Plush cloth has a deep fluffy pile both sides, with black micro-suede edging for scratch-less detailing, perfect for quick detailing tasks, dusting down and even soaking up water. Primo Plush is also perfect for that final buff-off.


Deluxe Wash Mitt


The Auto Finesse Deluxe Wash Mitt is made from the same 1200 GSM microfiber as our widely acclaimed Aqua Deluxe drying towels with an added absorption core.

The Deluxe mitt is the perfect pampering tool for your paintwork.


XL Wax Mate Applicator


The new Auto Finesse Waxmate XL has been specially engineered to fit the exact diameter of our new 150g wax tins, meaning a simple quarter twist covers the whole face and ensures you get a better, more even coverage when using our hard waxes. Its design also lends itself to be much more comfortable to use, with its raised-grip platform. It can be compressed down and stored in the top of the wax pot for next time.


Hog Hair Detailing brushes (pair)


These luxury Hog Hair Detailing Brushes (Pair) are hand crafted in the UK, with a fully balanced solid wood handle, epoxy set chopped Hog hair bristles that are up to 75% longer than the industry standard, enabling them to deep clean the most complicated of wheel-spoke designs.

Perfect for detailing wheels, grills, shuts, and those hard to reach bits around badges and grills, the super soft natural bristles are safe on paint and wont inflict swirls or scratches.


Woolly Trio Wheel brushes


The Auto Finesse Woolly Trio brush set are designed to agitate and lift dirt from wheels, delicately. The 3 brushes come in varying size bristles and handles to make reaching the backs of wheels and intricate wheel-spoke designs an easy job.

Our Woolly Trio set come with rubber handles for extra grip and comfort.


Aroma air freshener


Designed to keep your car smelling fresh and clean all year round, the Aroma Air Fresheners come in a variety of specially selected fragrances and pin-up style designs.

Fragrances include: Red – Berry Aroma

Blue – Cool Wave Aroma

Green – Clean Cotton Aroma

Yellow – Midnight Oil Aroma