About Us

The art
of detailing

Understanding your needs

Auto Finesse Singapore boasts over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, including 10 years of work in auto detailing.

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Where it all began

In 2010, Auto Finesse UK began producing their own professional product range, channelling 15 years of combined hands-on experience into everything they create. This lends us an edge, a deep understanding of the needs, wants and desires of detailers and car-owners. And in 2017, Auto Finesse Singapore was opened, with an exclusive auto centre catering to all of your fine automobile detailing needs.

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A revolution in car care

At Auto Finesse Singapore, we’re professional detailers who live and breathe the passion of car detailing. With deep expertise on how to bring out the best in any automotive surface, we proudly use Auto Finesse products exclusively.

Offering only the best products and services at the highest quality, we abide by our ethos in guaranteeing quality, effectiveness, and easy usability.